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Fuel Economy For Trucks: 12 Tips To Improve Your MPG

Heavy duty trucks are our go-to when it comes to moving heavy freights. Even if they are a great help in our lives, they also contribute to pollution due to their exhaust. That doesn’t mean that we have to ban them for good, there are still solutions that we can do and one of them is to improve fuel economy for trucks.

What Is MPG?

Before we get into details about how to improve your mpg or fuel economy, let us first discuss what it is. MPG literally stands for miles per gallon. It measures how much distance the truck can travel with a gallon of fuel used.

When you have a high MPG, it just means that your vehicle is very efficient. It can cover a great distance and save up on fuel. Thus, saving you some money on fuel expenses. Plus, it also lessens the amount of unnecessary pollution the trucks produce.

10 Tips To Improve Your MPG

Improving the MPG highly depends on both the truck and driver. Passing the basic requirements of being a truck driver is the first step. Then apply these tips:

1. Select Better Trucks

If you still don’t have a truck and is in the market for one, make sure you select more efficient truck models. Sometimes these can be more expensive because they are newer models but saving on fuel makes up for their upfront cost in the long run.

2. Maintain A Constant Speed

It can be very tempting to floor the pedals especially when you’re in a rush but that will just burn more fuel. The best thing to do is to accelerate gradually. You’ll eventually reach your ideal speed and you don’t have to rush.

Furthermore, you shouldn’t overspeed too. It also takes time to gradually slow down and if you try to floor your brakes, you’d also be spending more energy. Avoid sudden breaking if it isn’t necessary. Braking abruptly can also be dangerous because of the momentum. Always be mindful about your distance between the car in front of you.

3. Reduce Drag

To reduce drag and improve the aerodynamics of your truck you can make use of vortex generators, fairings, vented mud flaps, drive fenders as well as wheel covers. These little accessories all help reduce the overall drag.

You don’t have to use them all at once but you can simply start with trailer skirts. These are attached to the underside of the trailers to prevent air turbulence. The trailer skirts fall under fairings and they may be detached during unloading.

4. Check Your Tires

Inflating the tires to the ideal pressure helps reduce the rolling resistance of the tires. With increased resistance, your truck’s engine needs to burn more fuel to move the whole vehicle and trailers.

Apart from the tire’s pressure, you should also check if the kind of tires you’re using are the right ones for the road your driving. Take a look at the tread patterns. Some wheels are now specially designed for low rolling resistance.

5. Avoid Idling

Turn the engine off when you’re not using your vehicle. This prevents the engine from burning fuel when you’re not moving. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to turn off the engine while at a stop light or when in a traffic jam. When you go for a stop to eat or rest, you can save some precious fuel by turning the engine off.

6. Use The Right Fluids

There are different fluids needed by your truck to run smoothly. You should make sure that you only use the right ones. Finding the right one is easy because it is already recommended by the manufacturers.

Check the kind of fuel you use as well as the motor oil of your engine. Plenty of motor oils claim that they are best and they offer improved gas mileage but that’s not necessarily true. You should still check if the motor oil is compatible with your engine. When in doubt, always check your truck’s manufacturers.

7. Identify Your Route In Advance

If you have to deliver in multiple areas, make sure you plan your route in advance so you don’t have to double back. It’s also great to have a backup plan in case the road in your original plan isn’t passable.

8. Load Off Unnecessary Weights

Excess weight adds to the resistance of your truck. I know that one of the tips above recommends adding accessories for better aerodynamics but you should also know your limits. Also when selecting those accessories, make sure you select those of lighter weights.

9. Replace Your Air Filter

Make sure you replace the filter of your engine within the recommended replacement period. This helps make sure that it isn’t clogged with dust and other particles. Air is essential in the burning of fuel and you want to make sure that the engine isn’t using up a lot of its energy trying to get the air that it needs to run.

10. Clean your fuel injectors

A mixture of air and fuel is needed to run the engine. In addition to the filters, the fuel injectors should also be cleaned so that it can efficiently deliver the fuel needed. Sometimes, carbon deposits can accumulate in the fuel injectors due to use. By cleaning these up, you can create more space for the fuel to pass through.


How To Cope With The Trucking Industry Trends

In order to stay afloat, all trucking companies regardless of size should learn to cope with the current industry trends. It’s a competitive world out there and you need to learn how to keep up with the demands of customers or you’ll loose them.

Even if you’ve been in the business for quite a long time, there are still things you can change for the better. Here, I will share with you some of my discoveries on what you should do to your trucking business.

Choose Better Drivers

Are you going to drive your own or are you considering team driving? If you are hiring a driver you got to make sure that they are really good drivers. You have to screen them well because they are going to carry the name of your company.

Similarly, you can also improve your current drivers by investing in different training programs for them. You should also make sure that the knowledge they learn gets passed on to your next generation of drivers.

Work With Technology

Technology is highly available today. You just need to use it to further improve your business. Here are a few technologies you should look into.

  • Management Tools – If you have a fleet of trucks and a group of drivers, you’ll definitely need a management tool. You can use it to check your driver’s attendance and also schedule your truck for repair and maintenance.
  • Tools For Scheduling Or Booking – Make it easier for your customers to book your services by getting tools that can allow them to book you online. This also helps you see a clearer picture about your schedule for a certain period of time.
  • GPS Tools – Make it easier for you and your drivers to navigate using a GPS tool.

A Truck Upgrade

Better trucks are available for purchase but if you can’t afford to buy a new truck, there are upgrades that you can do. There are certain components in trucks that you can replace with a more efficient counter part.

An eco-friendly truck is a great alternative. Also take note of fuel-efficient models to save on your cost. These may seem little changes to the usual but when you add up their benefits, it will be significant.

Invest In Training

In order to get to know the current trends and changes in the trucking industry, you can attend training programs or have one for your drivers. There are different topics that can be discussed by the paid speakers. For starters you can train drivers on road safety and how to avoid accidents on the road.

Team Driving on the open road

Team Driving: Great for Some, Hell for Others

Hello again – it’s Ryan and I’m finally back after 3 months of paperwork requests, delays, and hard work negotiating with my bank, I finally have the permits and funding in place to start my own logistics and trucking company!

Thanks to everyone for their help and support!

While I’ll have another post on this process later this year, I did want to spend some time on an aspect of my career when I was first beginning in the trucking biz.


Basic Requirements of Becoming a Truck Driver

Tired of your old job? Maybe trucking might strike your next job destination thought as it pays off well. Trucking career packs the goods of both world, it’s challenging yet rewarding at the same time.

Targeting the truck driver vacancy isn’t that easy as it looks, you need to fulfill some basic requirements first. This piece of writing will reveal you the very basic needs of becoming a truck driver.


Easy Exercises For Truckers

We have heard a lot of excuses when it comes to exercise for the truckers, you might see them saying that they do not have time for it or either they do not want to spend to get a gym membership. Well, it seems quite relevant as also, when you look at the busy and the ever-changing schedules of the truckers, you can easily make out that it is really tough for them to take out time from their busy schedules and hit the gym on a regular basis. It almost seems impossible, but a trucker does not have to be a permanent member of the gym in order to exercise on a regular basis. There are a number of exercises that a trucker can do without even going to the gym.


Diesel Truck Towing A Load Out Of Dock

2018 Trends in Last Mile Delivery

As a truck driver, I keep hearing more and more about the importance of getting “Last Mile Delivery” right.  Also called the final mile delivery, Last Mile Delivery is the last destination of a shipment’s cycle in the supply chain.

This destination can be a local store, Wal-Mart or thanks to the e-commerce boom – can even be the customer’s home. With the recent (and continuous) rise in demand for e-commerce, last mile delivery presents both opportunities and hurdles for logistics, transportation businesses, and truck drivers..

While big rig drivers like us don’t typically, deliver to the end user or customer, I see a day coming soon where we might want to embrace this change, especially if we want to fend off the coming tide of automation.

So in order to get my readership up-to-speed, I wanted to discussing some of those latest opportunities and trends in Last Mile…


Is Truck Driving Only For Males? Find out!

With rising demand, the trucking industry needs to get smarter in order to address the shortage of workers it’s facing. According to American Trucking Association, there is an urgent need of 48,000 drivers nationwide. They also project that this shortfall is only going to rise in the coming years. Do you know that out of all the workforce in the United States, 47% consists of women workers? But when you see the stats in the trucking sector, women drivers are only 4 – 5%. This has been the case for more than 2 decades now. If we can get more women drivers, this shortfall will quickly come down.


Cool Facts About Truck Drivers You Didn’t Know

The truck driver is an occupation like any other. However, the level of skills required for a professional truck driver is more than any other occupation. Drivers need to be on top of their game every time. They can’t afford to be off-guarded on duty as lives depend on their driving. Truck driving is also considered one of the most demanding jobs out there. Not everyone can handle the pressure and the lifestyle a professional truck driver has to adapt.


How to Avoid Stress Out On The Highway

Getting aggravated by other drivers and feeling stressful on the road is common amongst truck drivers. We can all get mad at times, No? But the thing is, letting your emotions get the best of you out on the highway can cause a lot of harm. How top truck drivers deals with road rage and pressure are the reasons why they are a step above the average drivers.

This article contains the top recommendation from professional drivers and authorities to stay calm and composed on the road.


The Hardest Part Of Becoming a Truck Driver

Whenever you start any carrier, for instance, there are always problems that you face in the beginning but slowly and gradually things become smooth. As we are covering trucking, therefore we will discuss the problems that a rookie or a newbie truck driver faces while starting his career. Some of the most common problems faced by newbie truck drivers are as under:

  • Downshifting and double clutching.
  • They find it really difficult to carry out a backing maneuver successfully.
  • The proper adjustment of the mirrors and the driver’s seat.
  • How to start from an inclined stop.
  • They find right-hand turns to be really problematic.
  • Parallel parking of that heavy mass is really difficult for most of the rookie drivers.

THE Main Hurdle

The hurdles that a truck driver faces at the start of his career are mentioned above, but all these hurdles can be addressed with proper guidance and practice. One thing that most of the rookie and even sometimes the experienced drivers forget is not the physical challenge but the mental challenge that they are faced with.

Don’t Believe Everything On Internet

Whenever anyone starts or steps into a new career, he does proper research before doing so. This is exactly where the biggest problem in the trucking industry creeps in. The internet is the primary source for your research and it is full of misinterpretations and false information when it comes to the trucking industry. You will find a lot of information telling you how the companies stop the truck drivers from earning a handsome salary. Even you will find a lot of videos scattered all around YouTube telling you the exact same thing.

What To Do?

The key to success in starting any carrier is to find out how you would excel or succeed in it, but if you start with confusions in your mind you will not be able to. A truck driver has to overcome these confusions in order to be a successful head behind the wheels.

Just consider the trucking industry for a moment, what is the principle of making money in this industry? The companies have to move freight from one place to another and the more they move the freight the more they will earn. Therefore, the success of a company is directly proportional to the success of the driver, so there is absolutely no way that a company would not want their drivers to be successful or earn more money.

We have three suggestion for you – Just work hard, believe in yourself and continue polishing your skills! And yes, don’t TEXT while driving 🙂