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Effect Of Diesel Quality To A Trucking Business

The trucking business is constantly evolving to keep up with the times. However, one of the things that many business owners or fleet manager neglect is the fuel that keeps the trucking business running.

It is rare for people to talk about the diesel fuel they use for their trucks because of the many different aspects involved in the industry. Most of the time, people think that diesel is just diesel.

However, a change of mindset should be made. Diesel isn’t just diesel. There are different considerations that trucking business owners and fleet managers should also take note of. It is time to look closer at the diesel fuel formulation and consider the diesel fuel supplier because these can have a great impact on your trucking business.

Finding The Right Supplier

One of the main things a trucking company spends on is the fleet’s fuel. In order to thrive, it is in the best interest of fleet managers to get the best possible return on their investment. Suppliers who have been doing business with trucking businesses have a full grasp of the role the diesel fuel plays in the business. Such suppliers help fleets by ensuring that their carriers fit the qualifications. Similarly, they also ensure that their products are of high quality and are safe to use to prevent costly damages to the fleet. 

More Efficient Operation

When diesel quality is considered and the fuel suppliers are carefully selected, there would be a boost in operational efficiency. This is because the fuel economy improves with the right diesel formulations. With that, other benefits follow like being able to keep the trucks in the road for longer, reducing downtime of the fleet as well as improving the carbon footprint of the trucking business.

Less Maintenance Cost

With high-quality fuels, maintenance costs of fleets can also be lessened. Engines will eventually degrade in time but using selected diesel can reduce the risk of stressing out the engine. Corroded fuel tanks, injectors or pumps are lessened when better diesel fuel is selected.

However, this doesn’t mean that the main thing to do is to change the fuel. Lowered maintenance costs will only be achieved if you combine the use of high-quality fuel and regular maintenance checks. With this combination, you lessen the risk of developing problems and you also figure out and solve truck problems before they worsen and be more costly. 

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Starting Small With Your Trucking Business

Many people aim to be able to build a thriving business for their own. If a trucking business is on your mind, then you should be prepared to take the leap and get into the trucking industry. Starting your own trucking business now is a great idea because the trucking industry is getting better and better. The demand for products and for moving freight is high, even in this digital world.

It’s true that there are other larger trucking companies that have an impressive fleet of trucks in the thousands. However, smaller trucking companies also make up a huge percentage of the trucking industry. Most of these small trucking companies only have a handful of trucks for their service. There is certainly room for more trucking companies such as the one you are going to start.

Start Planning

Planning is always the first step and being prepared helps make it more likely fr you to succeed. Most of the small trucking companies start as an owner-operator company. This means that even if you own the company, you still have a truck you use to do daily activities that your fleet also does.

Starting out as a driver for your company is a great idea. It helps you achieve a better perspective when it comes to running the company because you have the first-hand experience. However, you have to make sure you have the appropriate commercial driver’s license if you don’t have any previous experience working in this industry.

On the other hand, you can also choose to simply hire truck drivers so you can better focus on running the business. Whatever you choose, it is important to plan it out in advance.

Accomplish All Legal Requirements

Fill up forms, submit documents and do all the paper works. These might seem a lot and tedious to do but they are requirements in order to get your trucking company started. These will get you your trucking authority so that the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) can allow you to do business.

You’ll be assigned a Department of Transportation Number, but if you still don’t have this, you can apply for it and the processing will take from 20 up to 25 business days.

Finding Funds

Any business needs funds and even if you only plan to have a couple of trucks to start with, they can still be expensive. The trucks aren’t only the things you spend on, you also have to spend on insurance, permits and other expenses depending on which state you’re in. To get access to funds, you can use a bank loan, sell some of your properties or use your own savings.

Truck Insurance

As a trucking company, insurance is very important to your business. Trucking companies are required to have liability insurance that covers injuries or damages due to operating the commercial truck.

Get Your Company A Truck Or Trucks

Depending on your current financial capabilities and preference, you can either purchase a truck/s or lease them. If you have the budget to purchase trucks upfront, you may find a dealer to purchase all your trucks from. Purchasing multiple trucks from them might lead you to a discounted price.

Leasing trucks are less costly upfront. Some even offer lease-to-own options so you can pay them monthly and eventually own the vehicles. Just take note that the terms may vary from one dealer to another. Before agreeing on a dealer, make sure to check out what others have to offer as well.

Apart from purchasing new trucks, you may also purchase used trucks for your business. These will be cheaper than the new ones but you have to be careful about what to buy. Check and make sure that you can still use them and take note of the repair costs that they might need.

Once you’ve found trucks to purchase, you’d also need trailer equipment so you can haul freight. You’d also need various tools to run the business smoothly. Useful devices like GPS trackers for your trucks can also be purchased.

Register For International Registration Plan or IRP

If you register your vehicle through IRP, you will be permitted to cross states with your haul freight. You can even go through Canada when you register your vehicle through it. Of course you’d have to pay for fees and that amount will vary from one state to another.

Start With The Operation

After all the preparations and registrations, you can now start operating as a trucking company. You should have a marketing plan that you can follow in order to improve your chances of having someone hire you.

Look for niches that require your services. You may focus on their needs and taper your service to their niche. For example, you may specialize in transporting goods that required to be chilled or refrigerated. Make sure to contact enough clients to keep your trucking company moving and busy.

On the other hand, you may also choose to be more versatile and attract different niches or multiple niches. You have to make sure you are always attracting clients because there is no guarantee that your previous client will use your services again unless there’s an agreement between both of you. 

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Benefits Of Using GPS Trackers On Trucks

In my 15 years in the business I am continually amazed at the pace in change of the trucking and transport industry.  While some of the change can be attributed to legislation, most

As technology continues to develop, the trucking industry also tries to cope. Today we have several technological tools and equipment that generally improves the trucking industry. One of them is the use of GPS or Global Positioning System.


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A Trucker’s Guide To Preparing For Hurricanes

It’s hurricane season again, and as a truck driver you know what that means:  white knuckle driving in high winds and schedule delays.

For big rig operators carrying LTL or lighter loads your trailer and rig can get pushed like a sailboat in a storm.

Even with full loads and heavy trucks, these are still no match to the wrath of such strong forces of nature and the best way to stay safe in this kind of situation is to prepare.



Keeping Up With The Trucking Industry Trends

In order to stay afloat, all trucking companies regardless of size should learn to cope with the current industry trends. It’s a competitive world out there and you need to learn how to keep up with the demands of customers or you’ll lose them.

Even if you’ve been in the business for quite a long time, there are still things you can change for the better. Here, I will share with you some of my discoveries on what you should do to your trucking business.


Team Driving on the open road

Team Driving: Great for Some, Hell for Others

Hello again – it’s Ryan and I’m finally back after 3 months of paperwork requests, delays, and hard work negotiating with my bank, I finally have the permits and funding in place to start my own logistics and trucking company!

Thanks to everyone for their help and support!

While I’ll have another post on this process later this year, I did want to spend some time on an aspect of my career when I was first beginning in the trucking biz.


Basic Requirements of Becoming a Truck Driver

Tired of your old job? Maybe trucking might strike your next job destination thought as it pays off well. Trucking career packs the goods of both world, it’s challenging yet rewarding at the same time.

Targeting the truck driver vacancy isn’t that easy as it looks, you need to fulfill some basic requirements first. This piece of writing will reveal you the very basic needs of becoming a truck driver.


Easy Exercises For Truckers

We have heard a lot of excuses when it comes to exercise for the truckers, you might see them saying that they do not have time for it or either they do not want to spend to get a gym membership. Well, it seems quite relevant as also, when you look at the busy and the ever-changing schedules of the truckers, you can easily make out that it is really tough for them to take out time from their busy schedules and hit the gym on a regular basis. It almost seems impossible, but a trucker does not have to be a permanent member of the gym in order to exercise on a regular basis. There are a number of exercises that a trucker can do without even going to the gym.


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2018 Trends in Last Mile Delivery

As a truck driver, I keep hearing more and more about the importance of getting “Last Mile Delivery” right.  Also called the final mile delivery, Last Mile Delivery is the last destination of a shipment’s cycle in the supply chain.

This destination can be a local store, Wal-Mart or thanks to the e-commerce boom – can even be the customer’s home. With the recent (and continuous) rise in demand for e-commerce, last mile delivery presents both opportunities and hurdles for logistics, transportation businesses, and truck drivers..

While big rig drivers like us don’t typically, deliver to the end user or customer, I see a day coming soon where we might want to embrace this change, especially if we want to fend off the coming tide of automation.

So in order to get my readership up-to-speed, I wanted to discussing some of those latest opportunities and trends in Last Mile…