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Benefits Of Using GPS Trackers On Trucks

In my 15 years in the business I am continually amazed at the pace in change of the trucking and transport industry.  While some of the change can be attributed to legislation, most

As technology continues to develop, the trucking industry also tries to cope. Today we have several technological tools and equipment that generally improves the trucking industry. One of them is the use of GPS or Global Positioning System.

GPS For Trucks

Getting a GPS for your truck is a way to cope up with the current trucking industry trends. Through GPS, you’d be able to know the exact position of your vehicle at a certain time. You can get this information in real time or you can download the data once your trucks come back from the road.

There are various GPS tracking systems available in the market today but they all roughly fall into three categories:

  1. Active GPS Tracker – This kind of trackers need to be online for them to work. They send out real-time updates through a cellular network. Apart from the GPS location, some may even record and send other data including the truck’s speed.
  2. Passive GPS Tracker – With this kind of tracker, you don’t need to be online for it to store data about your global position. It records all the information about your truck from the start of its journey. Once your truck comes back, you can connect it to a receiver that transfers the data so it can be evaluated.
  3. Combination Type – This type is most preferred because of its capabilities. It can send real-time data but it can also be used to record data when offline. This is great for those who travel to places with a poor network connection.

Benefits Of GPS For Trucking Businesses

GPS tracking systems aren’t cheap but there are some affordable ones. Nevertheless, they offer various benefits that make them worth their price. Here are the benefits of using GPS tracking systems:

Safety And Security

Even huge trucks can be targeted for theft. There have been cases when stolen trucks are used to steal cargo. With GPS tracking systems, it is easier to track and pinpoint the location of a missing vehicle. It aids in better recovery of the truck.

Knowing the exact location of the vehicle also helps with the driver’s safety especially in cases of accidents. In case drivers become non-responsive to their dispatchers, they can be easily located. Moreover, dispatchers can also help drivers take the safest route.

Improve Efficiency

Prices of fuel are continuously rising and trucking businesses are always on the lookout for ways to improve fuel economy. GPS tracking systems help improve efficiency by helping you create efficient routes. Idling due to traffic can be reduced when better routes are chosen.

Save On Cost

Apart from figuring out the best routes, GPS tracking can also save on the insurance cost. There are some insurance companies that provide discounts on premiums when the trucks have GPS tracking systems.

Better Customer Service

As a customer, it’s great to receive updates that your cargo is already on its way. Wouldn’t it be better to receive more accurate updates and timetables? This is exactly what GPS tracking systems can provide. With these, updates are more reliable and trucking companies can better prove their claim.


hurricane vs trucks

A Trucker’s Guide To Preparing For Hurricanes

It’s hurricane season again, and as a truck driver you know what that means:  white knuckle driving in high winds and schedule delays.

For big rig operators carrying LTL or lighter loads your trailer and rig can get pushed like a sailboat in a storm.

Even with full loads and heavy trucks, these are still no match to the wrath of such strong forces of nature and the best way to stay safe in this kind of situation is to prepare.



Keeping Up With The Trucking Industry Trends

In order to stay afloat, all trucking companies regardless of size should learn to cope with the current industry trends. It’s a competitive world out there and you need to learn how to keep up with the demands of customers or you’ll lose them.

Even if you’ve been in the business for quite a long time, there are still things you can change for the better. Here, I will share with you some of my discoveries on what you should do to your trucking business.


Team Driving on the open road

Team Driving: Great for Some, Hell for Others

Hello again – it’s Ryan and I’m finally back after 3 months of paperwork requests, delays, and hard work negotiating with my bank, I finally have the permits and funding in place to start my own logistics and trucking company!

Thanks to everyone for their help and support!

While I’ll have another post on this process later this year, I did want to spend some time on an aspect of my career when I was first beginning in the trucking biz.


Basic Requirements of Becoming a Truck Driver

Tired of your old job? Maybe trucking might strike your next job destination thought as it pays off well. Trucking career packs the goods of both world, it’s challenging yet rewarding at the same time.

Targeting the truck driver vacancy isn’t that easy as it looks, you need to fulfill some basic requirements first. This piece of writing will reveal you the very basic needs of becoming a truck driver.


Easy Exercises For Truckers

We have heard a lot of excuses when it comes to exercise for the truckers, you might see them saying that they do not have time for it or either they do not want to spend to get a gym membership. Well, it seems quite relevant as also, when you look at the busy and the ever-changing schedules of the truckers, you can easily make out that it is really tough for them to take out time from their busy schedules and hit the gym on a regular basis. It almost seems impossible, but a trucker does not have to be a permanent member of the gym in order to exercise on a regular basis. There are a number of exercises that a trucker can do without even going to the gym.


Diesel Truck Towing A Load Out Of Dock

2018 Trends in Last Mile Delivery

As a truck driver, I keep hearing more and more about the importance of getting “Last Mile Delivery” right.  Also called the final mile delivery, Last Mile Delivery is the last destination of a shipment’s cycle in the supply chain.

This destination can be a local store, Wal-Mart or thanks to the e-commerce boom – can even be the customer’s home. With the recent (and continuous) rise in demand for e-commerce, last mile delivery presents both opportunities and hurdles for logistics, transportation businesses, and truck drivers..

While big rig drivers like us don’t typically, deliver to the end user or customer, I see a day coming soon where we might want to embrace this change, especially if we want to fend off the coming tide of automation.

So in order to get my readership up-to-speed, I wanted to discussing some of those latest opportunities and trends in Last Mile…


Is Truck Driving Only For Males? Find out!

With rising demand, the trucking industry needs to get smarter in order to address the shortage of workers it’s facing. According to American Trucking Association, there is an urgent need of 48,000 drivers nationwide. They also project that this shortfall is only going to rise in the coming years. Do you know that out of all the workforce in the United States, 47% consists of women workers? But when you see the stats in the trucking sector, women drivers are only 4 – 5%. This has been the case for more than 2 decades now. If we can get more women drivers, this shortfall will quickly come down.


Cool Facts About Truck Drivers You Didn’t Know

The truck driver is an occupation like any other. However, the level of skills required for a professional truck driver is more than any other occupation. Drivers need to be on top of their game every time. They can’t afford to be off-guarded on duty as lives depend on their driving. Truck driving is also considered one of the most demanding jobs out there. Not everyone can handle the pressure and the lifestyle a professional truck driver has to adapt.