Benefits Of Using GPS Trackers On Trucks

In my 15 years in the business I am continually amazed at the pace in change of the trucking and transport industry.  While some of the change can be attributed to legislation, most

As technology continues to develop, the trucking industry also tries to cope. Today we have several technological tools and equipment that generally improves the trucking industry. One of them is the use of GPS or Global Positioning System.

GPS For Trucks

Getting a GPS for your truck is a way to cope up with the current trucking industry trends. Through GPS, you’d be able to know the exact position of your vehicle at a certain time. You can get this information in real time or you can download the data once your trucks come back from the road.

There are various GPS tracking systems available in the market today but they all roughly fall into three categories:

  1. Active GPS Tracker – This kind of trackers need to be online for them to work. They send out real-time updates through a cellular network. Apart from the GPS location, some may even record and send other data including the truck’s speed.
  2. Passive GPS Tracker – With this kind of tracker, you don’t need to be online for it to store data about your global position. It records all the information about your truck from the start of its journey. Once your truck comes back, you can connect it to a receiver that transfers the data so it can be evaluated.
  3. Combination Type – This type is most preferred because of its capabilities. It can send real-time data but it can also be used to record data when offline. This is great for those who travel to places with a poor network connection.

Benefits Of GPS For Trucking Businesses

GPS tracking systems aren’t cheap but there are some affordable ones. Nevertheless, they offer various benefits that make them worth their price. Here are the benefits of using GPS tracking systems:

Safety And Security

Even huge trucks can be targeted for theft. There have been cases when stolen trucks are used to steal cargo. With GPS tracking systems, it is easier to track and pinpoint the location of a missing vehicle. It aids in better recovery of the truck.

Knowing the exact location of the vehicle also helps with the driver’s safety especially in cases of accidents. In case drivers become non-responsive to their dispatchers, they can be easily located. Moreover, dispatchers can also help drivers take the safest route.

Improve Efficiency

Prices of fuel are continuously rising and trucking businesses are always on the lookout for ways to improve fuel economy. GPS tracking systems help improve efficiency by helping you create efficient routes. Idling due to traffic can be reduced when better routes are chosen.

Save On Cost

Apart from figuring out the best routes, GPS tracking can also save on the insurance cost. There are some insurance companies that provide discounts on premiums when the trucks have GPS tracking systems.

Better Customer Service

As a customer, it’s great to receive updates that your cargo is already on its way. Wouldn’t it be better to receive more accurate updates and timetables? This is exactly what GPS tracking systems can provide. With these, updates are more reliable and trucking companies can better prove their claim.

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