Common Truck Problems And How To Fix/Prevent Them

Heavy-duty trucks look huge and extremely powerful. They are but they are not invincible nor are they perfect, which is why we still face truck problems. Although maintenance and checks greatly help reduce the risk of the problems there is still a chance that they can occur. 

As a trucking business owner, you’ve gone through many things just to get your business started. It is in your best interest to know which problems could arise so that you can be ready for them and find possible remedies when they occur. By knowing them, you can also better prevent them from happening. Here are some of the most common problems you can face with heavy-duty trucks:

Brake Issues

Problems with the brakes can be from the brake pedal itself or the braking system. A heavy-duty truck already weighs a lot and when it is fully loaded with cargo, the pressure on the brakes is even higher. Although the truck’s brakes are meant to handle it, it can eventually lead to wear and tear. There can be fluid leaks and the worst-case scenario is brake failure. 

With proper maintenance and checks, it can be avoided. If one brae completely loses performance then there other brakes that can stop the heavy-duty vehicle. This is why a brake maintenance strategy should be well thought off in every heavy-duty truck.

Wheels And Tires Issues

Wheel bearings make the wheels move and if it is already degraded, a noticeable sound coming from the wheel can be heard as it moves. Sometimes, it will also produce a jerking movement. These are clear signs that the wheel bearings should be checked for problems.

Tire problems are common in all types of vehicles. Even if they are properly inflated, they can still be blown out or defective due to various factors. Preventing tire issues can be done by simply inspecting the tires before the trip. Make sure to change them once worn out and always keep spare tires. Also, make sure that they are properly aligned. 

Engine Problems

One of the worst things that can happen to your truck is when you have problems with the engine. The most common engine problem is overheating. This can be caused by a variety of issues like a blown gasket, a fuel leak, or as simple as neglecting oil changes or coolant levels. The problems may not be immediately obvious but engine problems can occur over time when proper maintenance is skipped or neglected. 

The best thing to do is to work with a maintenance professional and follow the maintenance schedules. The cost of maintenance is less than having to repair or replace the engine because of damage and failure. 

Starter Failure

When the winter season comes, many drivers find that their trucks are more likely to fail to start. Even before the winter days arrive, make sure to check the starter mechanism. Any problem with the ignition will probably worsen due to the colder temperature. That is why it should be immediately remedied before it gets worse. 

Clutch Problems

For manual transmission trucks, the clutch plays a very important role. It is prone to wear and tear and should be regularly checked. There are different causes of clutch problems and it can include carelessly driving, overloading the clutch, or oil leaks. Dumping the clutch is a habit that should be avoided because it can overheat the clutch and increase the stress and pressure into the clutch disk and driveshaft. 

Aside from improving driver habits, the clutch problems can also be prevented by checking for leaks that can contaminate the clutch disc. Besides, the leaks won’t only affect the clutch, it can also affect other parts of the truck. Getting rid of any leaks will benefit different parts of your truck.  

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