Impact Of IoT On The Trucking Industry

In order to remain competitive in the trucking industry, you should seriously think of using the available technologies for efficiency. Figure out which of your trucks are loaded, how long it takes for them to be loaded and unloaded, exactly where your trucks are, and the most efficient route to take.

These are just some of the aspects you need to know on a daily basis to efficiently run the tracking business. All these things and so much more information can be easily accessible to you through the help of IoT or the Internet of Things. 

How IoT Helps The Trucking Industry

The IoT can be used to connect things such as sensors, GPS receivers, electronic monitors, RFID systems, cameras, and many others to a network of devices that can collect, compile and present the data. This makes it much easier to manage what goes on in the trucking business. Data can be fed through the network and you can easily check the reports on your computer or phone. To help you better understand, here are more specific ways of what the IoT can do for the trucking industry:

Real-time monitoring

When you need to know whether your trucks can make it in time for the agreed delivery or you simply want to locate them, the IoT helps you find your trucks easily. You can monitor them by knowing their location, their route, the traffic situation on their location as well as the condition of the load they are carrying. 

With real-time monitoring, you’ll be able to provide better services because clients who might want to follow you up about their goods can be immediately updated. Plus, even with the absence of the clients, you can assess if the process is going smoothly.

Better Management Of Inventory

Your trucks aren’t the only ones that you can monitor through the IoT. You can also use various apps and devices to better monitor the inventory. With this, warehouse performance is improved and can also be somewhat automized. 

Improved Safety And Security

Truckers also work at night and some might prefer it because there is less traffic. To ensure better safety of your drivers and better security of the goods you carry plus your truck as well, the IoT can be used. Use it to connect the sensors and cameras to detect various situations. It can also be used to give alerts about maintenance procedures that are due as well as refueling spots. 

Easy Compliance With The Rules

There are regulations regarding the driving hours that drivers should have within the day. Truck drivers will usually use logbooks to keep a record but it can be easily done with IoT. Devices that automatically logs the driver’s working hours and activities can be connected to the IoT. This helps provide a more accurate record, which is required by the law.

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