Why Are Diesel Trucks So Awesome?

Is your car powered by diesel? Do you have trucks that run on diesel instead of gasoline? Diesel trucks are great as an all-around vehicle for hauling heavy loads. We simply love diesel trucks. They are awesome! But what exactly makes diesel trucks so awesome? Let’s discuss each one of them below.


Compared to engines that are powered by gasoline, diesel engines are far more efficient. They are twice as efficient as gasoline-powered vehicles. That’s why most trucks are powered by diesel. They are more cost-effective, especially when used by transport, logistics, or hauling businesses.

Clean Diesel

Due to the more stringent standards when it comes to protecting the environment, diesel today is much cleaner than they were back then. Various versions of clean diesel are available. They already have very low sulfur so they burn cleaner. 

Additionally, biodiesel is also available. The great thing about diesel engines is that they require minimal modification to use biodiesel. Most of them can readily run on high-quality biodiesel blends. 

Great At High Altitudes

Do you live or service places with higher altitudes? Diesel engines work well in those areas too. Gasoline-powered engines usually need a specific ratio of air and fuel to run properly. 

However, in higher altitudes, there are fewer air molecules per cubic foot. That is what you call thinner air.  In such scenarios, the car compensates by lessening fuel to keep the ratio. This can decrease the performance of vehicles with gasoline engines.

As for trucks with diesel engines, the turbochargers provide more air in the combustion chambers. That makes the diesel trucks perform better especially when it comes to higher altitudes.

Less Flammable

As compared to gasoline, diesel is safer to store and handle. Diesel is a more stable liquid than gasoline even in outdoor temperatures. Gasoline is more likely to have vapors that are flammable. That’s why it would ignite much faster even before the fire reaches the liquid portion of the gasoline.

No Spark Plugs Needed

Spark plugs are only used by gasoline-powered engines. The spark plug ignites the mixture of gasoline and air, which the piston compresses. 

On the other hand, diesel engines don’t require a spark plug. Heat, which is already present in the internal combustion chamber is what starts the reaction. 

Great For Moderate Speeds

You don’t really need your trucks running too fast. In fact, it would be better and safer for them to run at moderate speeds. Most trucks run at moderate speeds so that they can be better controlled. 

For peak power, most recommend keeping the engine at 2000 rpm. Moderate speeds are perfect for huge trucks. That’s why diesel engines are also a great match with them.

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